Well, it was great to have a little break from posting on the Patch Tuesday Debugged blog. Since the kids are now back at school, it’s time to get back to understanding the impact of Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday update cycle on our desktop and server systems.

For this October Patch Tuesday, we see a relatively light release from Microsoft with one zero-day vulnerability reported (CVE-2018-8453) and one publicly disclosed vulnerability CVE-2018-8423 included in the Microsoft monthly security update. We have already seen a few minor version updates to this October release, with 51 reported vulnerabilities addressed across Windows, both Microsoft browsers (IE11 and Edge), Office (Exchange Server) and the Chakra Core JavaScript engine. I expect that we will have a few more minor revisions to the Windows patches for documentation reasons this week. This does not imply a required delay, but your patch versions will change (update) over the next few days. You may also have noticed that Server 2019 (Microsoft’s latest version of the Windows server platform) was updated last week (October 2, 2018). You can find this update here. And, if you are looking for a good Patch Tuesday infographic, have a read of Chris Goettl’s security update for October found here.

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