Don’t know about you, but I’m well beyond fed up with all of the pushed Windows bugs. If you installed your Patch Tuesday patches last week like a good little lemming, Microsoft may have put you in an inescapable loop of blue screens, or turned off your audio.

If either of those plagues hit you, there’s a complex series of manual steps you can take to work around the problem, combined with two new patches that may help if you can get your PC to boot. That’s assuming you haven’t already bought a new machine, or taken the busted one in for repair.

First, the HP blue screens. I talked about the symptoms on Thursday: After installing the latest Win10 1803 or 1809 cumulative updates, HP machines sprouted WDF_VIOLATION blue screens. If you reboot, the BSOD comes back. Ends up that the BSODs weren’t caused by the cumulative updates — at least not directly — but were, in fact, caused by a bad keyboard driver update that was pushed out the Windows Update chute at the same time as the cumulative updates.

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