As we race to the close of the company’s fourth quarter, it seems pretty clear that Apple has taken some of its repatriated cash assets and done what anybody does when they receive a windfall — the company has gone shopping!

Acquisitions everywhere

In the last few weeks, we’ve seen/learned about:

  • The go-ahead for Apple's $400 million purchase of Shazam, which gives Apple access to unrivaled music taste analytics data.
  • The $600 million Dialog Semi deal, which gives the company an edge on wireless power.
  • Apple’s Spektral deal — this closed quietly last year. We just learned about it. Why now?
  • Apple's acquisition of hot music analytics startup Asaii.
  • How Apple CEO Tim Cook recently visited another hugely hot analytics startup, Bytedance.

That’s a heap of acquisitions/potential acquisitions spanning music, entertainment, data analytics, power management (and more), and machine imaging.

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