This pilot fish carries his mobile phone in a pouch on his belt, so it's handy but he's not likely to sit on it.

"As I was walking home, I slipped and took a hard fall," says fish. "When I finally managed to get up, I found that my phone was now shaped like a banana.

"That's what insurance is for, I thought to myself. So I limped home, drove to the phone shop, showed the banana phone to the clerk and asked for assistance in filling out the insurance claim.

"The bubbly clerk said, 'Just dial this number from your phone.' I pointed to my banana-shaped phone and said, 'I don't think that's going to happen.'

"So Ms. Bubbly filled out the online insurance form. When she clicked the 'Submit' button, she pointed to the screen and said, 'This is the claim number. You will need this, so just take a picture of the screen with your phone.'

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