Thanks to the ever-growing complexity of IT systems, getting the most out of code continues to be a big challenge for many developers. Understanding the interaction of CPUs, GPUs, IDEs, and platforms is daunting enough, but now comes the internet of Things (IoT), with various tech analysts predicting between 20 and 50 billion new IoT devices coming online over the next half-decade or so.

This broad variety of sensors brings its own programming challenge and new sources of time-series data that need to be incorporated into programs and systems for business, academia, and public sector use.

Fortunately, as the technology evolves, so do the tools, and one tool set in particular that can help with both systems and IoT challenges is the new Intel® System Studio 2019 (ISS). The latest release of this popular suite has been engineered to help accelerate the development and integration of smart, connected devices, while increasing overall system performance and driving up power efficiency for our increasingly mobile-first world. Of course, ISS provides a cross-platform, cloud-connected workspace that supports analytics on the edge or in the cloud seamlessly and easily.

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