Hands-on Azure: The essentials

InfoWorld's Simon Bisson has written many tutorials and analyses on how to take full advantage of Microsoft Azure. Here's your essential reading list:

  • How to work with Azure Pipelines for devops
  • Understanding programmatic Azure infrastructures
  • What’s new in Azure Functions: durable states
  • Meet Microsoft’s new managed microservices: Azure Service Fabric Mesh
  • Azure Service Fabric: What you need to know
  • Build and test microservices applications with Azure Dev Spaces
  • Cross-cloud software development comes to Azure
  • Data storage in Azure: Everything you need to know
  • Get started with cloud app dev in Azure App Service
  • What is ACI? Microsoft’s Azure Container Instances explained
  • How to secure your Azure network
  • How to go serverless with Azure SignalR Service
  • Get started with Azure Event Grid for serverless events
  • Azure Logic Apps: The IFTTT or Quick Basic for the serverless era
  • Get started with Azure Event Grid for serverless publish-and-subscribe
  • How to use Azure ML in Windows 10
  • What you need to know about Azure Notebooks
  • Azure IoT Edge brings smarts to devices at the cloud’s edge

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