Microsoft has fleshed out more details about C# Version 8.0, the next planned major release of the language. C# 8.0 is expected to arrive in 2019, concurrent with the arrival of .Net Core 3.0. Developers can try out language features in betas of the Visual Studio 2019 IDE.

Microsoft said that while most language features in C# 8.0 will run on any version of .Net, there are some that have platform dependencies. Async streams, indexes, and ranges rely on framework types that will be part of .Net Standard 2.1. While .Net Core 3.0, Xamarin, Unity, and Mono will implement the 2.1 version, .Net Framework 4.8 will not. Thus, types required to use these features will not be available when C# 8. 0 is targeted to .Net Framework 4.8. The C# compiler, though, is lenient about types it depends on and will target types with the right names and shapes if it can find them.

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