A Windows expert this week urged Microsoft to put its money where its mouth is and produce a status dashboard or website that reports and tracks problems with the operating system.

Coincidentally or not, on Wednesday Microsoft said it would launch a "Windows update status dashboard," but did not name a timetable except for a broad "in the coming year."

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"I can go to this page and see if something happening with Office 365 is just a me thing or if everyone else is seeing the same," said Susan Bradley in a Nov. 13 email reply to questions, referring to the Office 365 Admin Center. (Note: Only those with administrative credentials have access; it's not meant to provide information to end users.) "(But) if I want to find out if something is a known issue with Windows 10, I have to dig through – and monitor for changes – these pages," she continued, listing two separate support documents for one such known issue.

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