We may be witnessing a Patch Festivus Miracle in the making. The powers-that-be in Redmond have slowed down the relentless pace of Win10 updates and, at least in the case of the latest version of the last version of Windows, we may actually see a responsibly vetted patch.

Yesterday, the “D Week” Tuesday in November, saw a mass of Win10 patches normally distributed during “C Week” — which fell over Thanksgiving in the U.S. Among the usual assortment of Win7, 8.1, .Net and other bug fixes, we saw two mainstream Win10 patches:

  • Win10 version 1803 — KB 4467682 brings the build up to 17134.441. Lots and lots of little bug fixes, plus a fix for the eye-popping filename association bug first publicized by Chris Hoffman at How-To Geek earlier this month. 1803 still shows two known issues: The SqlConnection exception in .Net, and the Seek Bar is broken in Windows Media Player. I think of the latter bug as just deserts for anybody who hasn’t switched from Windows Media Player to VLC or Plex.
  • Win10 version 1709 — KB 4467681 brings the build up to 16299.820. Another big list of bugs, same acknowledged problems.

There are also fixes for versions of Win10 that few of you are likely to be running:

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