So maybe you've heard: Google's got a new high-end Pixel product that's finally ready for us productivity-hunting primates to purchase.

The product is curiously tough to define. It's a tablet, but probably not like any other tablet you've used before. It's a laptop, but only kinda — and with a fair number of asterisks attached. And it doesn't run Android, exactly, though it does run Android apps and have an interface that'll feel awfully familiar if you've used a recent Android phone.

The product, as you no doubt know (you smart cookie, you), is the Pixel Slate — a convertible Chrome OS computing device that doubles as both a laptop and a tablet, provided you pick up its optional keyboard accessory. On paper, it almost seems like a more versatile version of Google's high-end Pixelbook, which is basically the same thing except with a display that swivels back instead of detaching completely.

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