A new survey of the Rust user community, conducted by the Rust language team, shows growing interest in the language and its use—but also user frustration with some Rust features that the project touts as advantages.

The survey drew responses from almost 6,000 Rust users. Questions ranged from the length of one’s experience with Rust to opinions about platforms, workflow targets, and toolchains.

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Because Rust is a relatively new programming language, the vast majority of surveyed users (76.1%) have been using Rust for less than 1 or 2 years. How long did it take for them to feel competent with the language? Most users surveyed felt proficient in “less than a month” (33.8%) or “less than a year” (30.3%). Relatively few (7.1%) felt proficient in less than a week. A significant chunk (22%) of those surveyed still don’t feel productive with Rust.

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