Pharo 7.0, “the most significant release yet” in the words of the Pharo project team, was released January 22, bringing a new launcher, an improved Git client, an IoT toolkit, and 64-bit versions for Linux and MacOS. A 64-bit version for Windows is available in a technical preview.

Emphasizing simplicity and immediate feedback, Smalltalk-like Pharo is billed as a minimal, reflective object language. The 64-bit version of Pharo 7.0 improves performance and stability and is recommended for Linux and MacOS developers.

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Pharo 7.0 also offers a new version of the Pharo Launcher tool for managing distributions and accessing Jenkins builds. A new build process, meanwhile, supports full bootstrap from sources, enabling production to specific micro-images. Also new and improved in Pharo 7.0:

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