Dark Mode inverts system colours, reducing strain on battery life and on your eyes. It also looks pretty cool. The customisation option has now been added to Slack’s mobile apps for Android and iPhone. Here’s how to turn it on.

  • Launch Slack
  • Tap the three dots icon at the top right
  • Choose Settings
  • Click Dark Mode
  • Slack may prompt you to restart the app (press Continue)

    The new feature has only just begun rolling out, so some Android users won’t see this option just yet.

    If you can’t see the Dark Mode setting (it should be below Advanced) ensure you are running the latest version of Slack:

    • Launch Google Play
    • Click the three lines at the top left to open the Options menu
    • Click My apps & games
    • Select the Updates tab and scroll down the list to see if a Slack update is available

    If no update is available and you want Dark Mode now, you can opt to install the beta version of Slack:

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