Brave Software has finally kicked off its alternative ad concept by rolling out one form of Brave Ads and tying them to "payments" based on users agreeing to view those ads.

Users who volunteer to see the ads will be given 70% of the revenue the ads generated, not in cash but in BATs, or Basic Attention Tokens, the crypto-backed currency that drives the Brave economy. Users cannot exchange BATs for physical currency, although Brave said it is working on not only that, but also on ways to redeem the BATs for perks and other rewards, such as vouchers and gift cards.

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The latest version of Brave – 0.63.48 – is required to opt in to the ad-and-BATs scheme. The browser is based on Chromium, the Google-led open-source project that produces the core technologies used by Google's own Chrome, Opera Software's Opera and at some point, Microsoft's Edge.

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