If your streaming service launches and it doesn’t have an original title that stars Anna Kendrick, does it really exist? In the case of Quibi, even Kendrick’s star power may not help. The Pitch Perfect star, who has managed to star in originals for Disney+, HBO Max, and Quibi, stars in Dummy, a comedy about Anna Kendrick befriending a sex doll. That’s it, that’s the premise. To be fair, you don’t really need more explanation than that, but Quibi has released a new NSFW trailer for Dummy, three months after the show first premiered.

Dummy Trailer

Why did Quibi release a new trailer for Dummy, an original comedy series that debuted on the streaming platform three months ago? Maybe because the mobile streaming platform lost over 90% of users after its three-month free trial expired. Maybe it’s because Quibi is hemorrhaging money as fast as it is losing subscribers. Maybe it’s because as many times as you explain the premise of Dummy, it still sounds absolutely ridiculous. The series stars Anna Kendrick as a very Anna Kendrick-type protagonist, who befriends her boyfriend’s sex doll after the doll starts to talk to her. They go on road trips, shopping trips, and all kinds of raunchy misadventures.

The series comes from creator and write Cody Heller (Wilfred, Kidding), and was directed by Tricia Brock (Lodge 49). Heller, Brock, and Kendrick serve as executive producers. In addition to Kendrick, the series also features Donal Logue and Meredith Hagner.

Quibi’s original shows may need all the publicity it can get. Since the mobile streaming platform launched in April, it’s received only mockery and tepid reviews, with a particularly scathing Vulture profile outlining why the new streamer was probably doomed from the start, pandemic or not. I’ll admit, the premise of Dummy is weird and silly enough to pique my interest, but as soon as I remember that it’s on Quibi, that interest immediately dissipates. But it’s not Kendrick’s fault — she seems as charming as ever in the NSFW trailer for Dummy, and I don’t blame her for leaping at the chance to get her own starring vehicle in not one but three new streaming platforms. I’m still waiting for her to announce that she’ll be starring in a new Peacock original.

Here is the synopsis to Dummy:

Loosely based on creator Cody Heller’s real life story, this raunchy comedy stars Anna Kendrick as an aspiring writer who befriends her boyfriend’s sex doll and the two take on the world together.

Dummy is streaming on Quibi now.

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