It's no secret that James Gunn loves collaborating with the same actors over multiple projects, no matter how big or small the roles may be. Take Michael Rooker, for example: The actor has significant roles in the "Guardians of the Galaxy" films but is a throwaway character in "The Suicide Squad," used as cannon fodder for an explosive opening scene. Nathan Fillion, who plays a lead role in James Gunn's directorial debut "Slither," has a cameo as a hulking CGI alien prisoner in the first "Guardians" film. These are just a couple of many examples of actors James Gunn has collaborated with that return for bit roles in later movies.

In "The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special," a newer Gunn collaborator makes a brief appearance in a minor role, showcasing how Gunn likes to work with the same actors no matter the capacity or significance of the part. For more devoted fans of the director's filmography, spotting the overlap of actors in each film Gunn makes rewatches rewarding. In the case of "The Holiday Special," there's not only a fun bit role for a character from James Gunn's latest DC film, but there's also a blink-and-you-miss-it appearance by other actors that the writer/director has enjoyed working with.

A Brief Marvel And DC Crossover

After Mantis and Drax decide to visit Earth to get Peter a Christmas present (kidnapping Kevin Bacon), the two Guardians wander Los Angeles searching for the actor. After beating up a go-bot on Hollywood Boulevard, the duo find themselves at a bar and decide to partake in some holiday celebrations. In this scene, we get a brief cameo from actor Flula Borg, who plays the Javelin in James Gunn's "The Suicide Squad." In "The Holiday Special," Borg is a bartender who dismisses Drax and Mantis' questions on the whereabouts of Kevin Bacon. The role is a fun bit that only amounts to a little screen time. However, it's still more than the other "Suicide Squad" actors get in the following scene.

In an ever so brief transition graphic after Mantis gets a Hollywood "map of the stars," a map displaying different celebrity homes has two other "The Suicide Squad" stars marked on it. Specifically, John Cena, who had just recently collaborated with James Gunn on the HBO Max series "Peacemaker," and Margot Robbie, who Gunn has cited as his favorite actor he's ever worked with. Overall, "The Holiday Special" has all the personal touches you'd expect from the filmmaker, including nods and references to people he's collaborated with. James Gunn is very particular about his casting process, and even every bit role has a specific reason behind it. Overall, it's a brief and fun crossing over between the worlds of Marvel and DC.

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