The holidays are in full swing, and it's time to get your shopping list together for the pop culture fanatic in your life. When it comes to showing your love for film and television, there are a variety of ways to show everyone where your loyalties lie. Maybe you'd like a t-shirt with a subtle reference to one of your favorite comic book movies. Perhaps you'd like to add a little touch of Marvel or Disney to your kitchen. There's even a special candle inspired by a questionable trophy from "Everything Everywhere All At Once." And since it's the holidays, there are plenty of decorating options inspired by your favorite movies and TV shows.

Following our tours of the best movies, TV shows, books, soundtracks, and artwork available now, Part 5 of the 2022 /Film Holiday Gift Guide highlights an assembly of clothing, accessories, housewares, holiday decorations, and other random items that reference the movies and TV shows that you can't get enough of every single day.

Cover Yourself In The Clothing Of Movies And Television

We all know the best way to show off your nerdy passions is to plaster them on your front-side for the whole world to see. There are so many options to let your geek flag fly out there right now, which means whatever your particular flavor of fan passion you indulge in, there's gonna be something for you. Want to rock Eddie Munson's Hellfire Club Shirt? We got you covered. How about an arty Deathly Hallows long sleeve shirt for those chilly winter days? Yep. You're a "Spider-Man" fan, but don't want to pick a particular spidey logo? Well, there's the Marvel Triple Emblem shirt to let everyone know you don't pick sides in the multiverse. We're particular fans of the subtle "Yellowjackets" 'Vote for Taissa Turner' tees around here. Perfect shirt to wear out while grabbing some BBQ. "Harry Potter," Marvel, Pixar, "Parks and Rec," "Stranger Things," and so much more can be found in the links below. (Eric Vespe)

A Big Ol' Pile of Shirts!

  • AMC Theatres Nicole Kidman Pre-Roll Shirt
  • "The Bear" – The Original Beef of Chicagoland Shirt
  • Cartoon Network Classics Shirt
  • "Darkwing Duck" Sweatshirt
  • "The Goonies" – Hawaiian Printed Shirt
  • "Harry Potter" – Hogwarts Houses Shirt
  • "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" – Flowery Symbol Shirt
  • "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" – Order Emblem Shirt
  • "Hawkeye " – "Rogers: The Musical" Shirt
  • "Ms. Marvel" – AvengerCon Shirt
  • "The Office" – Admirable or Impish Belschnickel Shirt
  • "Parks and Recreation" – Pawnee Harvest Festival Shirt
  • "She-Hulk" – Avongers Shirt
  • "Spider-Man" Franchises – Triple Emblem Shirt
  • "Stranger Things" – Hellfire Club Shirt
  • "Stranger Things" – Surfer Boy Pizza Shirt
  • "Thor: Love & Thunder" – Infinity Cones Shirt
  • "Toy Story" -Pizza Planet Shirt
  • "Turning Red" – 4-Town Band Shirt
  • "WandaVision" – Agatha All Along Sweatshirt
  • "Yellowjackets" – Taissa Turner Campaign Shirt

Keep Your Head on Straight!

Disney / Netflix / Marvel

Whether you want to cover up your bedhead, a bald spot, or you just have the perfectly-shaped head to rock a hat, there's a plethora of pop culture caps for you to pick as a gift for yourself — or, if you're feeling generous, your loved ones. Dustin Henderson's "Thinking Cap" from "Stranger Things" is a particularly popular option, and then there's Dipper's Trucker Hat from "Gravity Falls." There's the Wilderness Explorers badge cap for all you "Up" fans, a Thor cap that proudly declares the god of thunder as the Strongest Avenger, and then a personal favorite: a Hollywood Tower Bellboy cap. I can't see many people rocking this out on a day to day basis, but any excuse one can have to show their love for the "Tower of Terror" is a valid excuse. (Eric Vespe)

  • "Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror"- The Hollywood Tower Hotel Bellhop Hat
  • "Gravity Falls" – Dipper's Trucker Hat
  • "Stranger Things" – Dusty's Thinking Cap
  • "Thor: Love & Thunder" – Strongest Avenger Trucker Hat
  • "Up" – Wilderness Explorers Hat
  • "Yellowjackets" – Taissa Turner Campaign Hat

Jackets, Hooodies, Pajamas, and More!

Patti Lapel / Disney / Showtime

We love a good variety, don't we folks? Here's a ton of varied nerdy apparel for your shopping pleasure. Dig Wednesday Addams' look? Well then, Her Universe has you covered with their own Wednesday dress, complete with that big, white collar. If hoodies are more your speed, there's a fun one from Patti Lapel that celebrates the work of Albert Brooks, and a Hawkeye hoodie for you MCU fans. How about a "Yellowjackets" track suit? Showtime has a set of pants and sweatshirt. There's a "Mighty Ducks" Spirit Jersey you can grab as that film celebrates its 30th anniversary and a Hawkins High Varsity Jacket if you want a low-key way to show off your "Stranger Things" addiction. Heck, there's even a "Santa Clause" themed pajama set! (Eric Vespe)

  • "Hawkeye" – Costume Hoodie
  • "The Mighty Ducks" – 30th Anniversary Spirit Jersey
  • "The Santa Clause" – Santa's Pajamas
  • "Stranger Things" – Hawkins High School Varsity Jacket
  • "Wednesday" – Cosplay Dress
  • Written and Directed by Albert Brooks Hoodie
  • "Yellowjackets" – Team Hoodie
  • "Yellowjackets" – Team Joggers

The Smell Of A Hero

"The Batman" – Vengeance Cologne from House of Sillage

If you want to fee like Bruce Wayne but without the untimely death of your parents and all the dark brooding and dangerous crime-fighting, then the fragrance creators at House of Sillage can help. As the "epitome of haute parfumerie," House of Sillage is known for creating hypnotizing fragrances in colognes, perfumes, and even candles. This year, they've created a collection of scents inspired by "The Batman," including the above fragrance that has appropriately been named "Vengeance." That's right, you can now smell like vengeance. After all, if you spend your nights taking down criminals and pouring sweat into a tactical suit inspired by a flying rodents, you'll need a powerful fragrance to throw on when it's time to head to an upscale event.

House of Sillage sent over a bottle of this fragrance to try, and I can confirm that this is a musky scent worthy of both Batman and Bruce Wayne. Not only does it smell good, but the bottle features a cap that feels like it could easily be on Batman's utility belt. A button on the top of the bottle releases the cap, which quickly shifts to the side to reveal the spray nozzle. It's a pricier fragrance, but for the classy Batman fan in your life, it will make a fine gift under the tree. There's also another "Hero" fragrance with a bottle that comes adorned in Swarovski Crystals, as well as a limited edition candle that is said to "capture the olfactory sensorial experience of Gotham City into your surroundings." So does it smell like criminals? There's only one way to find out. (Ethan Anderton)

Accessorize Yourself!

Geeky Jewelry

From Hayao Miyazaki to David Lynch, there are some really fun jewelry options out there this holiday season. The "Twin Peaks" ring in particular is a beauty. That one might be out of a lot of people's price range, but it's 14k gold with a custom cut green stone. High end-Lynchians will love that one! Studio Ghibli is represented with two necklace replicas, one from "Castle in the Sky" and one from "Princess Mononoke," the latter of which also comes with a matching earring set. Have a Scarlet Witch in your life who's just missing the right headband? Well, look no further than the officially licensed "WandaVision" version here. The "Shang-Chi" replica pendant and bracelet combo is also a valid option for your favorite MCU fan. (Eric Vespe)

  • "Castle in the Sky" – Crystal Replica Necklace
  • "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" – Scarlet Witch Headband
  • "Princess Mononoke" – San Replica Necklace and Earrings
  • "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" – Pendant and Bracelet Ring
  • "Turning Red" – Ming's Red Panda Pendant Necklace
  • "Twin Peaks" – Signet Ring
  • "Yellowjackets" – Rune Symbol Pendant Necklace

Pop Culture Pin Extravaganza!

Patti Lapel / Hot Topic / Box Lunch

There are so many cool pins out there, y'all. The Nicole Kidman/AMC pin in particular is choice. The great thing about pins is that they're inexpensive and can go with anything. Adding a pin to a shirt, jacket, backpack, bookbag, cap or lanyard is an automatic conversation-starter. These stocking-stuffer sized gifts are perfect for fans of all types. There's Hellfire Club from "Stranger Things," Jon Lovitz's character from "The Wedding Singer," the dang skyscraper robot "Transformers" style toy that Tom Hanks hates in "Big," Buzz's girlfriend from "Home Alone," the "We ain't found s***!" guys from "Spaceballs," and even "Marcel the Shell with Shoes On." Want a "Coffin Flop" pin? I don't know what to tell you bud, but Tim Robinson is represented as well. Peruse the list of cool pins and there'll be something that'll float your boat. (Eric Vespe)

  • "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls" – Rhino Pin
  • AMC Theatres Nicole Kidman Pin
  • "Big" – Robot Pin
  • "Big Daddy" – Scuba Steve Pin
  • "Game of Thrones" – Hand of the King Pin
  • "Groundhog Day" – Ned Ryerson Pin
  • "Home Alone" – Buzz, Your Girlfriend, Woof Pin
  • "I Think You Should Leave" – Coffin Flop Pin
  • "Little Giants" – Coach O'Shea Pin
  • "Marcel the Shell with Shoes On" – Character Pin
  • "Ms. Marvel" – AvengerCon Pin
  • "The Nightmare Before Christmas" – Monster Wreath Pin
  • "Spaceballs" – Comb Pin
  • "Step Brothers" – Portrait Pin
  • "Stranger Things" – Hellfire Club Pin
  • "Thor: Love and Thunder" – Scribbled Mjolnir Pin
  • "Wayne's World" – Mirthmobile Pin
  • "The Wedding Singer" – Jimmie Moore Pin

Don't Forget Your Keys!

Pottery Barn

It wouldn't be a Holiday Gift Guide without some keychains, am I right? Well, the offerings dug up by the crack team of researchers here at /Film include a couple of deeper cut "Harry Potter" keychains and a really fun Loungefly keychain celebrating the famed Disney take on "Robin Hood." The Potter keychains are a winged key from "Sorcerer's Stone" (or "Philosopher's Stone" if you're a redcoat) that sliced the hell out of Harry and his friends in his first year at Hogwarts and a vial of the Felix Felicis potion (aka Liquid Luck). The "Robin Hood" keychain is particularly romantic as it captures Robin and Maid Marian's love, so if you have a significant other, this is a good one. (Eric Vespe)

  • Disney's "Robin Hood" – Carved Initials Keychain
  • "Harry Potter" and the Half-Blood Prince" – Felix Felicis Keychain
  • "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" – Winged Key Keychain

Santa's Got a Brand New Bag… For You!

Loungefly and Box Lunch

We all need to carry stuff around. All your favorite corporations know this and are taking full advantage of this fact because of capitalism. So that means you got plenty of carrying-things-around options to choose from, including Loungefly's fancy offerings like a Falcon/Captain America bag, a brooding "Batman" bag, a "Ghostbusters" Stay Puft Marshmallow Man bag, a literal book bag in the design of "Alice in Wonderland," and a "Corpse Bride" bag (complete with a bouquet of flowers). One of the most clever options this season, though, is the New Asgard Tours faux merch tote bag from "Thor: Love and Thunder." For the record, I'd totally take that tour if the MCU was real. Of course, if the MCU was real I'd probably have been buried under a skyscraper after one of the random alien attacks, but it's best not to think about such things and instead focus on the sweet merch. (Eric Vespe)

  • "Alice in Wonderland" – Storybook Bag
  • "Animaniacs" – Water Tower Bag
  • "The Batman" – Batsuit Bag
  • "Corpse Bride" – Emily Bouquet Bag
  • "Falcon and The Winter Soldier" – Captain America Bag
  • "Ghostbusters" – Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Bag
  • "Thor: Love & Thunder" – New Asgard Tote Bag
  • "Toy Story" – Buzz Lightyear Bag

"Everything Everywhere All At Once" Hot Dog Finger Gloves


In a reality of infinite universes and endless possibilities, you just never know what might resonate with audiences on any given movie. "Everything Everywhere All At Once" didn't leave anything to chance, as the Daniels packed their multiverse-spanning story with nonstop gags. That's where those hot dog-handed versions of our characters in that one bizarre universe comes in, leading to one of the most unexpectedly heartfelt moments in the entire film. Now, you can get your hands on hot dog finger gloves of your very own, courtesy of A24. (Jeremy Mathai)

Housewares Fit For A Pop Culture Nerd

We're not supposed to pick favorites amongst our Gift Guide categories, but between you and me this is the best category. Where else can you find, for purchase, an "Everything, Everywhere, All At Once" trophy of the month/butt plug candle? Certainly not in the Blu-Ray section, I'll tell you that much. There are so many fun things that aren't butt plug-related, if that offends your delicate sensibilities. There's a Darth Vader lightsaber metal water bottle, a fancy "Harry Potter" time-turner lamp, a super cool Madam Leota head-in-a-crystal-ball lamp, "Nightmare Before Christmas" storage jars, a "Lord of the Rings" Prancing Pony lunch bag, "Jaws" and "Back to the Future" themed bottle openers, and a "Ghostbusters" trap incense burner. Told you this was the best category! (Eric Vespe)

  • "Back to the Future" – Hoverboard Bottle Opener
  • "Everything Everywhere All At Once" Butt Plug Candle
  • "Ghostbusters" – Ghost Trap Incense Burner

Entertainment Earth

  • "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" – Alohomora! Doormat
  • "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" – Basilisk Bowl
  • "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" – Time Turner Lamp
  • "The Haunted Mansion" – Bookends
  • "The Haunted Mansion" – Madame Leota Lamp
  • "Jaws" – Barrel Bottle Opener


  • "Jurassic Park" – Velociraptor Claw Bottle Opener
  • "Lilo and Stitch" – Stitch Light Bulb Lamp
  • "The Lord of the Rings" – Prancing Pony Lunchbag
  • "Monsters Inc." – Scream Tank Mug
  • "The Nightmare Before Christmas" – Kitchen Jars


  • "The Santa Clause" – Hot Cocoa Mug
  • "Star Wars" – Darth Vader Lightsaber Water Bottle
  • "Toy Story" – Hamm Piggy Bank

Get In The Cinematic Holiday Spirit!

"The Santa Clause" – Business Card Replica Holder

Inspired by "The Santa Clause," this holiday decoration features the business card with the titular contract that turns Tim Allen into Santa Claus after the jolly guy falls off his roof on Christmas Eve. The card comes with a collectible display holder that references the Rose Suchak Ladder Company, a play on the phrase "arose such a clatter" from the classic story "The Night Before Christmas." Just pray that Santa Claus doesn't fall off your roof, or else that card is going to send you to the North Pole. (Ethan Anderton)

"Lilo and Stitch" Tree Topper


Give your Christmas tree a little extra Disney flair by tossing on this tree topper featuring the mischievous alien known as Stitch. Since he doesn't really understand our holiday customs, he's chomping at the Christmas star like a rascal. It'll make for an adorable addition to your holiday decorations. (Ethan Anderton)

Ornaments For The Tree!

If you're anything like me, you're an obsessive ornament hoarder who spends way too much time trying to decide on the perfect addition to your yearly Christmas tree. Now that I'm an adult and can decorate my apartment however I choose, I'd be lying if I said I didn't have some of my pop culture ornaments on a display shelf year-round. Every year, countless stores and corporate brands release a new collection of tree decor, sometimes honoring classics who are well overdue on the ornamental treatment and often highlighting some of the year's biggest moments in entertainment. (BJ Colangelo)

Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments

Forget adding more glass balls or nutcrackers — what better way to spruce up your home this winter holiday season than with ornaments of the biggest superheroes around? There's a Doctor Strange figure for those look to add some multiversal flavor to their Christmas tree, along with one of T'Challa and another featuring Bats and the Batmobile from "The Batman." ("Batman Returns" is a Christmas movie so, you know, close enough.) Or, if you need a break from costumed crime fighters, you could pick up an ornament inspired by a bona fide winter holiday classic with the Caroling Gremlin. There's also one of the Hitchhiking Ghosts from "The Haunted Mansion" to pair with the "Nightmare Before Christmas" ornaments that you almost definitely already have. And why not add some sci-fi to the mix with decorations from "Star Wars," "Star Trek," "The Matrix," and much more? (Sandy Schaefer)

You can check out a bunch more pop culture related Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments right here.

  • "Animaniacs" – Pinky and the Brain
  • "Avatar" – Neytiri and Seze
  • "The Batman" – Batman and Batmobile
  • "Black Panther" – T'Challa
  • "DC League of Super-Pets" – Krypto
  • "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" – Doctor Strange
  • "Doctor Who" – The 10th Doctor
  • "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial" – 40th Anniversary Ornament
  • "Game of Thrones" – The Iron Throne
  • "Grease" – Greased Lightning Car
  • "Gremlins" – Caroling Gremlin
  • "Harry Potter" – Quidditch Ball Chest and Luna Lovegood
  • "The Haunted Mansion" – Hitchhiking Ghosts
  • "Jurassic World Dominion" – Blue and Baby
  • "The Mandalorian" – Din Djarin & Grogu and Razor Crest Ship
  • "The Matrix" – Neo
  • "Star Trek" – "Mirror Mirror" – First Officer Spock
  • "Star Wars" – Mace Windu
  • "Thor: Love & Thunder" – Thor
  • "Turning Red" – Mei Lin
  • "Up" – Carl & Ellie
  • "WALL-E" – WALL-E with Fire Extinguisher

Disney Sketchbook Ornaments


Not to be outdone, the annual Disney Sketchbook ornament collection is absolutely to die for. In honor of the 30th anniversary of "Aladdin," they've released a striking piece featuring Aladdin and Abu standing in front of The Cave of Wonders, an elegant glass dome featuring Bambi and Faline after the forest fire for the 80th anniversary of "Bambi," and the world's only redeeming billionaire, Scrooge McDuck admiring his riches for the "DuckTales" 35th anniversary. Of course, that's only the tip of the iceberg, as Disney also has ornaments in honor of "Lilo & Stitch," "Ratatouille," "Finding Nemo," the criminally underrated "Treasure Planet," and a Hat Box Ghost from "The Haunted Mansion" that lights up! (BJ Colangelo)

  • "Aladdin" – 30th Anniversary
  • "Bambi" – 80th Anniversary
  • "DuckTales" – Scrooge McDuck 35th Anniversary
  • "Finding Nemo" – Nemo in Diver's Helmet
  • "The Haunted Mansion" – Hat Box Ghost
  • "Lilo & Stitch" – 20th Anniversary
  • "Ratatouille" – 15th Anniversary
  • "Treasure Planet" – 20th Anniversary

Check out even more Disney ornaments over here.

A Few Other Ornaments? Sure!

Hot Topic / Cracker Barrel

Hot Topic has killer slasher offerings featuring Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger, and Box Lunch is doubling down on their "The Nightmare Before Christmas" collection with Sandy Claws, The Mayor, and Zero ornaments, Cracker Barrel has an ornament of the newspaper announcement of The Wet Bandits' escape from "Home Alone," but my eyes are on the "Stranger Things" inspired Surfer Boy Pizza Van ornament, also available at Hot Topic. It certainly will look perfect hanging next to my Eggo waffle. (BJ Colangelo)

  • "Friday the 13th" – Jason Voorhees
  • "Home Alone" – Wet Bandits Escape Newspaper
  • "Nightmare Before Christmas" – Sandy Claws, The Mayor and Zero Ornaments
  • "A Nightmare on Elm Street" – Freddy Krueger
  • "Stranger Things" – Surfer Boy Pizza Van

The Harry Potter Pottery Barn Decoration Collection

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn has a classy collection of decorations inspired by the "Harry Potter" franchise. From the classic antique style gold ornaments above to a string of lights that look like the flying keys from "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," there's a great assembly of items for the witch or wizard in your life. In fact, you'd do well to check out Pottery Barn's massive collection of "Harry Potter" paraphernalia. It's quite pricey, but they have some of the coolest housewares, decorations, clothing, and more from the Wizarding World. (Ethan Anderton)

  • Antique Gold Ornaments Collection
  • Flying Key Lights from "The Sorcerer's Stone"
  • Flying Key Ornament from "The Sorcerer's Stone"
  • Golden Egg Ornament from "Goblet of Fire"
  • Golden Snitch Lights

A Bunch Of Other Stuff!

It's one thing to love a movie or a TV show, it's another thing to wear that love on your sleeve, or, in many cases, your vehicle. Sure, we all love a black t-shirt with a movie poster slapped across the front, but it's a hell of a lot more fun to express your obsessions in more creative ways. For example, if you're someone who finds it criminal that Mace Windu doesn't get the credit he deserves, you can transform your windshield wiper into his trademark purple lightsaber. Or, if you're more of a Yoda person, green is also an option. For those who live in warmer climates, snag yourself a decorative sunshade featuring the Simpsons family, the iconic group inside the Millennium Falcon, or even the meddling kids of Mystery Incorporated from "Scooby Doo." Non-drivers, never fear, because you can always decorate your front yard with an inflatable sprinkler that looks like the couch from "Friends" or stick "Everything Everywhere All At Once" googly eyes, well, everywhere … all at once. (BJ Colangelo)

  • "Everything Everywhere All At Once" – Googly Eyes
  • "Friends" – Couch Yard Sprinkler
  • "Guardians of the Galaxy" – Awesome Mix Earbuds Holder
  • "Harry Potter" – Wand Pen Set

Hot Topic

  • "The Mandalorian" – The Child Window Cling
  • "Scooby-Doo" – Car Sunshade
  • "The Simpsons" – Car Sunshade
  • "Solo: A Star Wars Story" – Han Solo's Dice


  • "Spaceballs" – Window Decal
  • "Star Wars" – Millennium Falcon Car Sunshade
  • "Star Wars" – Mace Windu Windshield Wiper Lightsaber
  • "Star Wars" – Yoda Lightsaber Windshield Wiper

That's all for Part 5 of the 2022 /Film Holiday Gift Guide. Be sure to check out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4. Come back next week for the final installment, featuring toys and collectibles!

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