Parker Finn's "Smile" has made scary good money at the box office. Officially declared the biggest original horror movie of the year, it has crossed the $200 million mark and far surpassed its $17 million budget. After that kind of success, Finn is looking at a bright (and horrific) future in the industry. There's already been chatter about a sequel! But while that lies further down the road, Finn has opted to reflect on where it all began. "Smile" might be the title that you know but before the grinning monster made its debut, the ideas of this story existed in a completely different context. Just two years ago, Parker Finn directed a short film with a very familiar premise.

Before Smile, There Was Laura Hasn't Slept

Titled "Laura Hasn't Slept," this 11-minute short is where it all began. As Finn explains, "'Laura Hasn't Slept' premiered at South by Southwest in 2020, and that's where Paramount first saw it. This is the origin of everything that became Smile." Inviting everyone to see what enticed them to bring the smiling monster to life, Paramount recently posted the short film on YouTube. It will also be available when "Smile" comes to DVD and Blu-ray next month.

You might notice a few familiar details while watching the short. Once again, it follows a woman being haunted by a smiling monster — but this time, it only exists in her dreams. Most notable is the fact that the short follows Laura Weaver, a character who also exists in the Paramount blockbuster. Laura is the first afflicted person we meet in "Smile," who ultimately passes the "infection" over to Rose Cotter (Sosie Bacon). And just like in the feature film, Laura is played by the very talented Caitlin Stasey.

The short begins with Laura explaining a recurring series of dreams to her therapist, where she's being pursued by a terrifying smiling man. But the session quickly devolves when Laura comes to realize that even in therapy, she's not safe from being haunted. It's a familiar scenario and even has some of the same dialogue, but it's also clear that this was just the start of the idea that became "Smile." The horrors of trauma and the influence of films like "Nightmare on Elm Street" are on display, but don't take full form until the feature-length film comes to be. You can check out "Laura Hasn't Slept" below.

Watch Laura Hasn't Slept

In just a few weeks, you can grab a physical copy of "Smile," with the bonus features, the short film, and much more. Until then, you can always invite the smiling monster into your home via Paramount+. It's a risky gambit (you never know who he might infect next) but it'll probably be fine! My family chose to celebrate the holiday weekend with the psychological horror flick and while it may have put a damper on the comfy vibes, no one has spiraled into madness. Yet.

"Smile" will be available on 4K & Blu-ray on December 13, 2022.

After witnessing a bizarre, traumatic incident involving a patient, Dr. Rose Cotter (Sosie Bacon) starts experiencing frightening occurrences that she can't explain. As an overwhelming terror begins taking over her life, Rose must confront her troubling past in order to survive and escape her horrifying new reality.

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