Brian O'Halloran and Jeff Anderson have been in plenty of films over the years, but most people know them best as Dante Hicks and Randal Graves in Kevin Smith's View Askewniverse films, in particular, his "Clerks" trilogy. Smith skyrocketed to superstardom after his 1994 breakout hit, "Clerks," which perfectly encapsulated the budding Gen X slacker culture of the 1990s. Dante is dragged into covering a shift at the Quick Stop mini-mart on his day off, putting up with the hijinks of customers, friends, random degenerates in the neighborhood, and ultra-slacker Randal, who doesn't even make an attempt to actually work at the RST Video rental store next door. The film was a massive success, spawning two sequels, an animated series, a live-action TV pilot, and a making-of documentary.

Smith's follow-up film was another slacker comedy — the 1995 hit, "Mallrats." That movie centered on another pair of friends who show up at the mall after being dumped by their girlfriends, and who then attempt to sabotage a dating game show shooting an episode there that features one of their exes. Plenty of ridiculous hijinks ensue, and after almost 30 years, Smith is looking to return to that world with a sequel, "Twilight of the Mallrats." Anderson didn't participate in the original "Mallrats," but O'Halloran did as his Dante character's "identical cousin," Gil Hicks.

/Film's own Ethan Anderton recently spoke with both O'Halloran and Anderson about their recent effort, "Clerks III," and whether or not we can expect to see either actor in the "Mallrats" sequel. Hilariously, Anderson already concocted the perfect way to incorporate himself into the film's universe, in arguably the most Randal Graves way possible.

'Never Discuss It, Never Bring It Up Again'

During Ethan Anderton's interview with Brian O'Halloran and Jeff Anderson, the former shared that he believes "Twilight of the Mallrats" will head into production sooner rather than later. "I know he's been writing this other script about these kids in 1984 that go to a movie theater," he said. "He may be shooting that ahead of 'Mallrats II,' but it's something that, when there are people ready to go with 'Mallrats II,' then we're ready." Considering the film isn't on wheels just yet, this allows plenty of room for last-minute additions to the script, like Anderson's idea of how to incorporate Randal Graves into the film.

"It's never been talked about, but I think it would be funny in 'Mallrats II' to have Randal randomly just walk by, and to Brian's character, be like, 'Hey Gil,'" said Anderson. In his mind, Gil would reply with a simple, "Hey, Randal," and that would be the end of it. "And that's it," Anderson continued. "Never discuss it, never bring it up again. Just a random sort of thing to tie the universe together. Not even make it a scene, just a throwaway."

With Gil and Dante existing as cousins in the View Askewniverse, it makes perfect sense that Randal would know Gil. O'Halloran was also a fan of the idea, and Anderson emphasized once again that he'd be more than down with the cameo. "I think that would be really funny," he said, "and I would definitely do that."

"Clerks III" is now available on home video.

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