The first teaser for Prime Video's "Hunters" season 2 is here, and if ever there were a time for a series about Nazi hunters in America to make a return, this is that time. Unfortunately for "Hunters" fans, the show's second season will be its last. But it's going out with a bang, pitting Jewish protagonist Jonah Heidelbaum (Logan Lerman) and his fellow vigilantes against the evilest Nazi of them all: Adolph Hitler, played by Udo Kier.

In "Hunters" season 2, Lena Olin is also back as Hitler's wife, Eva Braun, who is alive and well and leading the Fourth Reich with her husband in the U.S. in the 1970s. Also joining the cast this season is Jennifer Jason Leigh as a new top Nazi hunter, which is a good thing since Aldo Raine and the Inglourious Basterds are nowhere to be found in this particular alternate history, and Jonah and company will need all the Nazi-hunting help they can get.

Created by David Weil, whose grandparents were both Holocaust survivors, and executive produced by Jordan Peele, "Hunters" premiered in February 2020 before the pandemic, the storming of the Capitol, and other recent forms of frightening chaos hit the U.S. in full force. It's been a long road to this second and final season of "Hunters," but as /Film's Ariel Fisher writes, this is a series that "wears its Jewishness as a defiant badge of honor." Hopefully, its conclusion will be worth the wait.

Check out the teaser for "Hunters" season 2 below.

Watch The Teaser For Hunters Season 2

Seeing Kier in his Hitler mustache is one major visual reveal in this teaser, but at the very end of it, we also see Al Pacino, which may come as a surprise to some viewers since his character, Meyer Offerman, died at the end of "Hunters" season 1. Though there's been some speculation that Josh Radnor's character in "Hunters" could break out a "Mission: Impossible"-style mask and pose as Meyer (since he is, after all, a master of disguise), Weil's previous comments to Entertainment Weekly make it seem like the series will instead be going "The Godfather Part II" route and having Meyer appear in flashbacks to show "how the echoes of the past reverberate loudly in Jonah's present."

Prime Video was also the home to four seasons of "The Man in the High Castle," based on the Philip K. Dick novel about an alternate history where the Nazis won World War II and took over the United States. Unfortunately, as high-profile comedians repeatedly make antisemitic jokes on live national television and disgraced former U.S. Presidents and rap superstars unapologetically dine with a Holocaust denier, that idea no longer seems like something from the realm of pure fantasy. Though not everyone may recognize it, echoes of the Nazi Party's past continue to reverberate loudly in America's present, and in their own way, slices of entertainment like "Hunters" serve as a bracing reminder of that.

Just remember, America, if there's anything Indiana Jones has taught us, it's that real heroes fight Nazis.

"Hunters" season 2 is headed to Prime Video on January 13, 2023.

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