Journalism, like all careers, is a rapidly evolving field due to how frequently technology and culture have changed. To truly succeed as a journalist nowadays, you need to present important or relevant stories in a way that captures the audience's attention. Perhaps there is no better example of how to succeed in this than the work of Andrew Callaghan and his YouTube channel, Channel 5. After reaching millions with its on-the-street coverage of both political and social events, Callaghan is ready for the big time thanks to a new documentary being released on HBO later this year.

"This Place Rules," airing on HBO on December 30, 2022, charts the young journalist's shift into more serious political reporting in early 2020. In a new trailer recently released by the cable network, Callaghan is seen attending COVID-19 lockdown protests and Black Lives Matter demonstrations, interviewing both advocates and dissenters. However, things start to get worrisome when he begins investigating the world of the alt-right, interviewing Q-Anon believers and even infamous conspiracy peddler Alex Jones. All of this madness cultivates in Callaghan and his crew being thrust into the Capitol riot of January 6, 2021.

Check Out The Trailer For This Place Rules

Callaghan serves as director, producer, and the main subject of "This Place Rules." Joining him from Channel 5 are Nic Mosher and Evan Gilbert-Katz, who serve as cinematographers and editors. However, the three-man crew got some critical help in adapting from short-form YouTube videos to feature-length documentaries. Jonah Hill serves as producer under his Strong Baby Productions banner alongside Matt Dines and Alison Goodwin. Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, Dave Kneebone, and Janel Kranking for Abso Lutely Productions also serve as producers.

"This Place Rules" airs on HBO on December 30, 2022, and will be available to stream on HBO Max the next day. You can find Callaghan and Channel 5's other work on their YouTube channel. In the meantime, read the official synopsis for the documentary below:

As one of the best-known and hardest working journalists of his generation, the 25-year-old ventures on a wild RV journey through America to take the pulse of a divided nation. In 2020, as Covid rages, protests sweep the country, and a monumental election looms, Callaghan captures the chaos in the streets and a wide spectrum of views – with just a camera and a microphone. Delving into a world of political division, white nationalist groups and conspiracy theorists, 'This Place Rules' exposes the perfect storm in the months preceding the Capitol attack and serves as a stark warning that these forces show no sign of abating.

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