With "The White Lotus" season 2 finale in the rearview, it's time to tally up the scores and figure out who came out on top, and who got the most thoroughly rotten end of the stick. It's safe to say that no one's vacation was without its hiccups, but a surprising number of characters actually got some form of a happy ending. Only a few characters truly achieved what they set out to do at the beginning of the vacation, and a few of them didn't make it to the end of the week at all. After careful consideration, I give you my picks for the biggest winner and most unfortunate loser of the season.

Let's start with the candidates for biggest loser. Bert's failed homecoming is tough to watch, but he does get "the embrace of a woman" that he was after in the end. Cameron gets punched in the face and is basically humiliated by Ethan, but he didn't really lose anything besides a potential business partner. Albie got scammed pretty thoroughly by Lucia, so he's a major contender. However, as he pointed out to his father, 50,000 euros didn't break their bank — and he even scored Portia's number on the way out.

Portia got messed with pretty hard and is left without a job, but there's still a chance for her to get back on her feet, so she's not the biggest loser either. One of the closest calls might be Jack, who is bound to revert to his dark past without Quentin's support, but there is still hope for him as well. The two people with the worst fate are clearly the ones that end up dead — Quentin, whom Tanya kills, and Tanya herself — but one of them is even worse off than the other.

Tanya Had The Unluckiest Ending

In the finale of "The White Lotus" Season 2, Tanya comes to the conclusion that Quentin is trying to kill her on Greg's behalf to scheme her out of her inheritance. This is never absolutely confirmed in the show, but it is heavily implied. Tanya opens fire on the boat and kills nearly everyone on board. In a futile effort to jump onto a speedboat and escape, she hits her head and drowns.

Quentin may have died trying to kill Tanya, but even he got what he wanted — for Tanya to die, and for Greg to get her inheritance. Tanya is the biggest loser because even though she got wise to the scheme and managed to kill the people that were threatening her, her wealth made her so helpless that she couldn't manage to save herself.

The biggest success story of the week is an even more contentious debate because a few of these characters pulled out major wins. Valentina may have been rejected by the woman she had a crush on, but she did sleep with a woman for the first time. Ethan pretty much had a mental breakdown, but in the end, he totally Alpha-dogged Cameron and, in a perverse way, healed his relationship with his wife. Harper, too, is easily one of the biggest contenders. It may have taken two cheating scares, but she finally got her husband to desire her again, which is exactly what she wanted all along.

Daphne also managed to one-up pretty much everyone else in the group, as is her nature. But none of them earned the coveted spot of the biggest winner. That title goes to one pair of characters that managed to outsmart nearly every single other character in the cast and get exactly what they wanted from the very start.

Mia And Lucia Played The Game And Won Big

Mia and Lucia easily came out ahead of every other character in "The White Lotus" season 2. For starters, Mia got a regular gig singing and playing piano at the resort. Their only true antagonist, Valentina, was completely charmed by her in the end, and even fired the old pianist so that she could take his job. Both girls also got a free vacation at a luxury resort.

Lucia also got exactly what she set out for — a bunch of money. She got tens of thousands of euros from Albie, not to mention the money from Cameron, Ethan, and Dominic. That scheme took a lot of coordination to pull off, but she did everything right. She chose the right target and pushed all the right buttons of a rich boy with a white savior complex trying to fulfill a hooker with a heart of gold fantasy. And, in the end, she didn't really hurt anyone. She and Mia are sprite-like characters, mischievous and fun-loving. They are agents of chaos but are ultimately harmless — even the piano player turns out okay.

It was a tumultuous vacation for every character in "The White Lotus" season 2, but honestly, the finale left quite a few of them better off than they started. All these morally compromised marriages, even Dominic's, seem to have evolved into something promising. Even those that seemed to have lost quite a bit, like Portia and Albie, still had something to be optimistic about. The future is bright for most of the characters in "The White Lotus" season 2 — just not Tanya, unfortunately.

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