The following post contains spoilers for season 1 of "Andor."

Andy Serkis is known as the go-to actor for his performance capture work. He famously played Gollum in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, Caesar in the "Planet of the Apes" films, and Supreme Leader Snoke in the "Star Wars" sequel trilogy. You cast Andy Serkis, and you're getting solid work, even when performance capture isn't involved. The world of "Star Wars" cast him a second time — in his human form — in the latest Disney+ series "Andor." Serkis plays Kino Loy, a floor manager/prisoner in the Narkina 5 facility, making parts for the Death Star.

In prison, Loy is tasked with keeping his group in line and ensuring they stay on top of production. He doesn't have many days left before his release … at least, he thinks so. When he and Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) find out that it's all a ruse and they're going to be there forever, they begin a revolt, escaping into the water surrounding the facility.

Serkis' performance was pretty heart-wrenching, especially the final moments we see him. In fact, the entire first season is incredible. This isn't a story about Jedi and the Force. This is about real people dealing with an oppressive government and the risks they must take to regain their freedom. As it turns out, Serkis was as impressed by the show as fans were, according to a November 2022 interview he did with He spoke about his thoughts on the "Star Wars" universe and the reasons why he decided to return.

'The Story Just Felt Very Complete And Grounded'

According to the interview, Andy Serkis was impressed by Cassian Andor's debut in "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" and how the "Star Wars" universe has room for different types of storytelling. He said:

"What is so brilliant about this franchise and this universe is that it can allow for that amount of humanity to really come through in 'Rogue One.' The other ['Star Wars'] worlds are beautifully drawn in a slightly more operatic and heightened world that they operate in, which is equally delicious. But this always felt like real grit and real sweat. The story just felt very complete and grounded."

"Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" did have a very different feel than other films in the franchise. It was certainly darker than the rest (aside from the younglings scene in "Episode III") and felt more grounded in reality. Sure, it was a reality that involved spaceships, but it was less fantasy-driven. In "Andor," we see the personal toll that being a revolutionary takes on regular people, what they have to give up, and what they're willing to die for, as Kino Loy is. (That said, it wouldn't be a complete shock if he survived somehow.)

'He's Such A Major Talent'

It wasn't just the brilliant story that drew Andy Serkis back to a galaxy far, far away, though. It was also his co-star. As Serkis told

"[Diego Luna] was another very strong reason why I wanted to do this because I really love Diego's acting, and I love Cassian as a character. So to have a chance to really intimately get to work together was incredible. He's such a major talent and a brilliantly gifted actor and storyteller and really generous, a really great natural leader. He also directs, so it was lovely to have that conversation with him as well."

I hope Kino Loy did survive if it means another chance to see these two act together again. They were riveting. One more thing to note here. If any of you have been wondering if there is a connection between Serkis' Snoke and Kino Loy, you can stop now. At the end of the interview, Serkis sets the record straight. "I sort of almost want to just say to everybody there really isn't a connection there. So live your lives, please don't spend any time going down that rabbit hole."

"Andor" is currently streaming its first season on Disney+.

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