Over two decades ago, "Bring It On" debuted in theaters, gifting us with the movie that Roger Ebert famously called the "Citizen Kane of cheerleader movies." Sure enough, that film has earned its place in the high school comedy hall of fame, becoming a beloved cult classic, inspiring a successful stage musical (which includes music by Lin-Manuel Miranda), spawning six direct-to-video sequels, and launching the careers of Kirsten Dust and Gabrielle Union. Nothing equals the high of that very first movie, in large part because Dunst and Union never returned to reprise their roles. But that might just be on the verge of changing.

Gabrielle Union has been trying to manifest a "Bring It On" sequel for the better part of a year, and even though it's slow goings, she doesn't plan on giving up anytime soon. "We've been developing a sequel forever," Union recently told Variety. "But for folks who don't exactly understand how long development can take in Hollywood, that could be five minutes or 50 years."

Union has been floating this possible sequel for quite some time, now. When the original film celebrated its twenty-second anniversary a couple of months ago, she took to Twitter with a joking sequel idea, writing that two decades later, her character Isis "might have a teenager."

Hmmmm so Isis might have a teenager 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😳🤷🏾‍♀️🙏🏾 #BringItOn https://t.co/7xEAVmrSwc

— Gabrielle Union (@itsgabrielleu) August 25, 2022

Make some room for Kirsten Dunst's Torrance to return, ideally with a teenager of her own, and it'll be the battle of the over-competitive moms!

Gabrielle Union's Bring It Back On Campaign

In 2020, "Bring It On" celebrated its 20th anniversary, bringing the cast back together for interviews, and giving them plenty of time to consider the future of the Toros and the Clovers. According to Union, she isn't the only one curious about the future of their characters.

"We all have an interest in revisiting it," Union told Comicbook.com, continuing:

"During the pandemic, around the 20th anniversary of 'Bring it On,' we all were, you know, together all the time doing these panels and talking about the movie and the making of the movie and all of our wild hijinks, but yea, then we got really serious about 'we should update this', you know, like bring it up to where are they now."

Union kept the hype train going a couple of months later when she spoke with Entertainment Tonight, saying this for the rumored sequel, "I've heard many takes over the years, but I'm hearing some really great takes from some big-name writers that are very surprising. 'Bring it On,' baby, the gift that keeps on giving."

Naturally, she didn't drop any names — leaving us all to spiral and speculate over who these big-name writers might be — but she at least floated another possibility for the prospect of Isis with a teenage daughter: "Imagine if her daughter was, ya know, a high stepper from Jackson State, Hawthorne State or Hampton. There's so many forms of cheerleading that we don't get to celebrate. The possibilities are endless." To that I say yes, please. Union's idea sounds in line with the spirit of the original "Bring It On" in a way that none of the sequels have quite understood. Fingers crossed that this development stage is a lot briefer than 50 years!

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