Here's an opinion that I'm sure many readers may not agree with — I'm not a fan of most romantic movies. My over-critical brain often picks these movies apart piece by piece, whether it's from me not feeling the chemistry between the central couple or me not finding the script realistic. Regardless, I do have to make an exception for "The Bodyguard," which has some noticeable pitfalls but is saved by the electric allure between bodyguard Frank (Kevin Costner) and Hollywood starlet Rachel (Whitney Houston). It felt as if they truly did want to be together on-screen, and that palpable chemistry alone makes it an essential watch.

It's no secret that the concept of "The Bodyguard" wasn't new when it was released in 1992. Screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan had written the first treatment for the film back in the 1970s for Steve McQueen and Diana Ross (via DVD Town), but for one reason or another, it wasn't until the early 1990s when work began on it in earnest. However, according to Costner, it could have ended up a very different movie had he not put his foot down. In a 2014 interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, the actor and co-producer on "The Bodyguard" said that there were other producers and Warner Bros. executives that didn't want Houston to be cast for some pretty disgusting reasons.

"Everybody alerted me to the fact that she was Black, which I knew," he recalled. "I just thought she was the perfect choice."

It's The Job

The only thing that Costner cared about when casting the role of Rachel was if the actress was talented enough to embody the role. He said that race was never even a consideration when it came to narrowing down candidates, even though the original treatment of the film did also have a white bodyguard paired with a Black actress. Regardless, the snide comments made about Houston's race were also paired with those questioning her career trajectory.

"I was told that it was a moment that she was actually declining in terms of her popularity," Costner said.

The actor didn't let these comments deter him from suggesting Houston for the role. Given his status as an Oscar-winning filmmaker after "Dances With Wolves," these executives seemingly didn't fight back, and the singer was cast. When "The Bodyguard" was released in 1992, initial critical reviews were negative, but its success and popularity among the general moviegoing public cannot be understated. As such, Houston received another major boost in popularity, which defined her legacy for the rest of her career.

"It might have been easier two years earlier at her peak," Costner said, "but after that movie, she became, I think, one of the biggest stars in the world."

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