Michael Jordan is not only arguably the biggest name in the history of basketball, but one of the biggest names in sportswear, as well. Have you ever stopped to wonder why that is? Ben Affleck and Matt Damon certainly have, as they teamed up with MGM Studios and Prime Video to bring us the biopic "Air," which premiered its first trailer during Super Bowl LVII. The trailer gives us our first look at the film's ensemble, including Damon's portrayal of Nike salesman Sonny Vaccaro and Affleck's version of Nike co-founder Phil Knight.

"Air," which Affleck also directed was listed as one of the best unsigned scripts in Hollywood on 2021's Black List. Its script, written by Alex Convery, was picked up by Amazon Studios in 2022. However, it was originally called "Air Jordan," and the reasoning behind the title change and the distinct lack of Jordan's likeness in the film has not been confirmed. Regardless, it's good to see Affleck behind the camera again, as his sense of direction and pacing is actually pretty underrated.

Check Out The Air Trailer Below

"Air" has a lot more than just two close collaborators in its cast. Damon and Affleck will be joined by Jason Bateman, Chris Messina, Marlon Wayans, Chris Tucker, Matthew Maher, and Tom Papa. While the GOAT may not have his likeness in the film, his parents will – Viola Davis will portray his mother Deloris, while Julius Tennon is slated to play his mother James.

Even though the film will be streaming exclusively on Prime Video, don't expect this movie to just appear on the platform with little fanfare. "Air" will be released theatrically via MGM Studios through their partnership with Amazon Studios, and it won't be for just a week. Variety reports that the film will have a theatrical run equivalent to or perhaps even longer than the industry standard of thirty days. You'll likely be able to see it at your local theater, as well, since it will receive a nationwide release instead of a limited one.

There could be a lot riding on how well the film does theatrically – audiences have proven that they are wanting to watch some streaming-exclusive movies in theaters, but streamers have not yet been able to reach that happy medium. Here's to hoping this release is a slam dunk for both the theatrical and streaming markets.

"Air" swoops into theaters on April 5, 2023. Prime Video has not announced when the film will be available to stream, although it will be sometime after its theatrical run.

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