Court cases surrounding the tragic accident on the set of the film "Rust" in 2021 continue to multiply, as Variety reports that three crew members are now suing the film's producers for negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The suit names El Dorado Pictures, Rust Movie Productions, and actor/producer Alec Baldwin, who is currently also facing charges of involuntary manslaughter in the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

The lawsuit, which was reportedly filed Monday, describes allegations of harm resulting from the on-set shooting that includes "blast injuries" from the deafening gunshot and "severe emotional distress." Plaintiffs include set costumer Doran Curtin, key grip Reese Price, and dolly operator Ross Addiego, all of whom were reportedly near Baldwin when the gun witnesses say he was holding was fired, injuring director Joel Souza and killing Hutchins. Per Variety, Baldwin denies having pulled the trigger on the gun that was being used during the production, although the FBI's investigation has refuted that claim according to NPR.

The 28-page lawsuit filed with the district court for the county of Santa Fe outlines a pattern of the alleged negligence of on-set safety that plaintiffs argue points back to Baldwin and the film's producers. In a section of the suit subtitled "defendants' cost cutting endangered the cast and crew," the plaintiffs outline an alleged pattern of disregard for on-set safety, citing incidents in which they say first assistant director David Halls "skipped required safety practices like rehearsals, safety meetings, and demonstrations verifying firearms in use were 'cold'" and critiquing the hiring of Halls as well as the inexperienced armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed. The suit also describes Baldwin allegedly talking on his cell phone through most of his firearms safety training session, and points to other reported firearm mischarges that occurred before the October 21, 2021 shooting.

The Suit Describes Alleged Negligence Of Safety Protocols

Curtin, Price, and Addiego allege that they were present and just feet from Baldwin at the church set where the incident occurred, with the suit describing a harrowing scene in which Addiego and Curtin attempted to respond to Souza and Hutchins' wounds, respectively, while Price was ushered out of the area by panicked fellow crew members. According to Variety, the plaintiffs allege symptoms of post-traumatic stress from the incident.

This is far from the first suit to come as a result of the tragic situation on the set of "Rust." In addition to the criminal charges faced by Baldwin, Hutchins' husband, parents, and sister have all filed suits related to the incident, as have the film's script supervisor Mamie Mitchell, set medic Cherlyn Schaefer, and gaffer Serge Svetnoy. The shooting is a horrific tragedy that has clearly impacted all involved. It's also exposed the obvious dangers of on-set firearms, and kick-started discussions within the industry about the many ways in which movie sets often fail to choose safety over budgets and time constraints. It's tough to even read about the details of the "Rust" shooting, and I can't imagine the trauma of witnessing it firsthand.

Along with Baldwin, Gutierrez Reed faces a charge of involuntary manslaughter, while according to Variety, Halls is reportedly pleading no contest to his own misdemeanor charge related to the incident.

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