Kiefer Sutherland's new series, "Rabbit Hole," has all the requisite parts of a corporate espionage thriller. There are few shows out there, however, that — episode by episode — continually upend what the audience thinks is actually going on.

It turns out that the cast of the series was in the dark as well as to how the first season would go. When I talked with "Rabbit Hole" actors Rob Yang, Enid Graham, Meta Golding, Charles Dance, and Walt Klink in the lead-up to the show's premiere, they revealed that they didn't know how things were going to end either.

"I knew a bit about Ben's past, but very little about his future," Dance told me about his enigmatic character, Dr. Ben Wilson. "I was given bit by bit, by bit, by bit, by bit, and it's an intriguing way of working. But when you are dealing with really good writing, and with a couple of guys who've got a lot of talent and phenomenal ideas, do you think, 'I'd better stick with these guys because I think I'm going to go on quite an enjoyable journey.' And that is how it proved to be."

'It Gets Really Crazy'

Meta Golding, who co-stars with Kiefer Sutherland on the series as Hailey Winton, was similarly thrown some surprises. She told me:

"When I first got the script, I think I got two episodes. At that point, I didn't really even understand whether she was good or bad. But at least I understood the tone of it. The way they wrote Hailey, I could hear her in my mind. I could see this relationship between her and [Sutherland's John Weir], even though I didn't really know what it was about, besides the big concepts of it. And then when I signed on for it, they gave me two more scripts, and then I was like, 'Oh my God.' Then it completely shocked me. But I think then we started having conversations about who she is and about her secrets, even though they did throw more secrets onto me as we went."

Enid Graham and Rob Yang, who plays FBI agent Jo Madi and straight-laced Edward Homm on the series, had a good sense of their characters from the get-go, though Graham confirmed that they "didn't know all the plot twists" until close to shooting a new episode.

And as for Walt Klink's cryptic character, who only goes by the Intern, he found out details about his character during shooting as well. "From the fourth episode, it gets really crazy," he said. "I was going there just thinking I would play a cool part, but it ended up being this very interesting character." He later teased that the last couple of scripts are "pretty wild," which says something given things are not exactly tame in the first few episodes of the show.

Get ready to have your mind warped when the first two episodes of "Rabbit Hole" premiere on Paramount+ on Sunday, March 26.

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