Spring is here, which means so is the first wave of great indie movies that made their debut at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. Among them is "Rye Lane," a South London-set rom-com about two people who bond about bad breakups during a walk around the city they call home. /Film's Ben Pearson reviewed "Rye Lane" at Sundance, calling it "a love letter to the beauty and diversity of South London" and "a highly satisfying walk-and-talk romance." Now, "Rye Lane" has a charming new trailer and is set for a release date exclusively on Hulu.

The film follows a woman named Yas ("Class" and "Teen Spirit" actor Vivian Oparah) who meets a guy called Dom ("Industry" star David Jonsson) at a museum when she finds him sobbing in the bathroom. Dom has recently been through a bad breakup — his girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend — and he's having a hard time holding it together. As the trailer shows, Yas has some ex baggage of her own, albeit of a lighter variety: her own cheating ex-boyfriend kept her favorite record in the breakup, and now she wants it back.

Watch The Rye Lane Trailer

"Rye Lane" looks like it's set to include some light breaking and entering, a spectacularly awkward double date, and plenty of that aforementioned love for its vibrant setting. From Rye Lane Market to a pigeon-filled park to a stop that features a rhinestone cowboy street performer, "Rye Lane" looks like it aims to capture the heart of South London as much as the hearts of either of its lead characters. /Film's review compared the film to "Before Sunrise," so there's definitely a romance element at play here, but I also like that the trailer portrays Dom and Yas' extended meet cute as playful and potentially healing for them above all else.

The film marks the feature directorial debut of Raine Allen-Miller, with a script by Tom Melia and Nathan Bryon, who also worked together on the 2021 British sitcom "Bloods" (which Bryon co-created). Melia has previously written for "Hollyoaks" and "Zero Chill," while Bryon's credits include "Little Darlings" and "Bad Education" (the Brit series, not the Hugh Jackman film, or the Pedro Almodóvar one for that matter). While the cast and crew of "Rye Lane" may not be especially familiar to U.S. audiences yet, "Rye Lane" could change that with a Hulu release. The streamer has delivered some great, noteworthy streaming exclusives in the past year, including "Prey," "Good Luck To You, Leo Grande," and "Fire Island."

"Rye Lane" is set to join the Hulu programming lineup on March 31, 2023.

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