So now we know: P is for Pie – as in Android Pie, the latest iteration of Google's mobile OS. It officially arrived Aug. 6, is already rolling out to Pixel devices and – depending on how quickly other Android device makers get moving – it should show up for non-Pixel users over the next few months.

That makes this a good time to hear from Computerworld's JR Raphael about just what users can look forward to when they finally get their hands on their upcoming slice of Pie. (Sorry, just had to get that in there.)

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Raphael spoke to Computerworld Executive Editor Ken Mingis about a slew of UI/navigation changes that will almost certainly require users to unlearn (and relearn) how to move around the OS; the growing use of AI and Machine Learning to make devices more predictive; and Google's coordinated efforts to speed up the pace of Android upgrades with "Project Treble."

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