Software developer pilot fish works at a university teaching hospital, and part of his job is to provide third-tier support — that's for problems the help desk and support analysts can't handle. And, lucky him, he has the pager for Labor Day weekend.

"I was really looking forward to a quiet weekend, but was sorely disappointed," says fish. "Not only was I woken up at 5 a.m. both Saturday and Sunday and at midnight between the two days, but I then also got a ticket at 2 a.m. on Labor Day itself: A user was unable to log into our website, this had been going on for a year, and the priority was urgent, which is our highest possible priority."

Unfortunately, the help desk has skipped over second-tier support and didn't include any further information — such as whether this nurse was ever able to log in, what the error messages are and what computer she's using, home or work.

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