With plenty of reflection time since the 2018 edition of Google Cloud Next, it’s clear the majority of my fellow attendees agreed on a couple of things. First, Google is serious about making public cloud a successful part of their business strategy, and second, the amount of excitement generated by Google Cloud’s potential is tremendous—both from customers and partners. With much less IaaS baggage than the competition, Google has managed to focus on a developer-friendly environment where AI integrations are made to be as plug-and-play as possible. In addition, Google Cloud is tackling internet of things (IoT) and hybrid environments—both of which are acknowledgements that not everything is or will be in the cloud. Even with this growing momentum, there is still a healthy amount of skepticism with respect to Google Cloud’s ability to catch up and keep up with Amazon and Microsoft, and there are a few reasons why many tech vets think they will succeed.

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