Google's Chrome last month continued to creep up on a two-thirds supermajority of browser share, while Microsoft's once-dominant position deteriorated. Again.

According to analytics company Net Applications, Chrome's user share climbed half a percentage point in August, reaching 65.2%, an all-time high. In the last 12 months, Chrome has gained 5.9 percentage points, the only browser of the top four – others include Apple's Safari, Microsoft's Edge and Internet Explorer (IE), and Mozilla's Firefox – to add to its total during that period.

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Net Applications calculates user share by detecting the agent strings of the browsers people use to visit its clients' websites. The firm then tallies the visitor sessions – which are effectively visits to the site, with multiple sessions possible daily – rather than count only users, as it once did. Net Applications primarily measures activity, although it does so differently than rival sources, which total page views.

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