People who work at healthcare facilities suffer from pains of their own, and the source of the pain may surprise you. It is kind of pain has nothing to do with the human body, and the relief cannot come from the medical staff. It’s the pain of managing an aging IT infrastructure.

IT administrators have a tough time in healthcare datacenters these days. Legacy IT systems can be difficult to manage and grow. Over time, a siloed architecture can make an infrastructure more complex, more costly, and harder to upgrade. As if that’s not challenging enough, HIPAA regulations impose stringent rules on medical databases to ensure the protection of patient information. Although products are available that can mitigate the risk of catastrophic datacenter failure and data breaches, it’s hard to know which ones will integrate smoothly into a legacy IT environment. It’s equally important that, as legacy IT is refreshed and modernized, new systems are resilient and overcome complexity and cost headaches.

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