Despite their reputation as laggards, large corporations are as obsessed with innovation as any startup. Blockchain, serverless computing, artificial intelligence, IoT—they want it all. And unlike startups, they can afford to invest the money, time, and people to get it.

But even when you’re blessed with these kinds of corporate resources, hazards can lurk out of sight. It doesn’t just happen with devops (the example I’m using), but agile development and other forms of business transformation as well.

Here’s what to watch out for, and how to avoid the quicksand in the first place when you are introducing devops in the enterprise.

Enter the bean bags

The story often starts with the creation of a corporate innovation center (or incubator hub or disruption lab or similar). The business taps forward-thinking in-house talent and brings in new blood from the outside to experiment with whiz-bang technologies and cutting-edge methods. Sometimes there are bean bags.

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