One meme I repeat often is “there is always more than one solution.” I also often write about how enterprises should evaluate the available solutions and go with the best for their needs. What I don’t often mention is that in the real world there are many good (and not-so-good) reasons why the best solution just isn’t going to happen, or not in the necessary time frame (which I rant about too often). When I find myself in a place where the optimal route is blocked I try to find a way around that is interesting, educational, and expedient, and generally in the opposite order.

A solutionist has to do what a solutionist has to do

I recently dealt with a specific case where the preferred option was off the table, and it is a situation I have seen happen multiple times, which prompted me to share the solution. The use case is when files generated by daily operations of Informatica Cloud begin to fill up the disk space and cause issues. The optimal solution is to have a server archive process that is reusable across the enterprise, preferably designed as a generic service. The worst solution (aside from just ignoring the problem and then dealing with the outages over and over) is to simply increase disk space. That approach is akin to issue Whack-a-Mole as it pushes the space issue out and then the file index latency issue pops up—until the space issue eventually comes back.

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