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Use smart mailboxes

Apple’s Mail application hosts a feature called Smart Mailbox. It refers to Mail folders that you can automatically pre-populate according to certain criteria. One of the most useful ways to use this feature is to create a Smart Mailbox that gathers emails from named colleagues — but this works even more effectively if you first create a contact group in Contacts. Here’s how to match these two features up:

The Contacts bit

  • Open Contacts, File>New Group.
  • Name the new group – if you are gathering names of your colleagues, you might call it "Colleagues".
  • In the All Contacts view, search for each colleague you want to include in your new group and drag & drop their contact card into the relevant group. (Contacts can belong to multiple groups.)

The Mail bit

Now you can easily create a Smart Mailbox to gather all the emails you receive from your colleagues. (It doesn’t need to be colleagues; it can be friends, clients, whatever group(s) are appropriate to your needs.)

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