At this year's CES I saw some amazing computers. Whether you’re into games or want something for work you’ll be able to buy something in a few weeks from a variety of vendors that will likely make your old box look like yesterday’s paperweights.

The OEMs at the show showcased some impressive design work. But one of the most interesting conversations I had was with Microsoft’s VP of Corporate Communications Frank Shaw. [Disclosure: Microsoft is a client of the author.] One of the global trends he’s observed has been the death of the technology segment. Now don’t go shorting all your technology stocks in a panic – this is a good thing.

What he argued was that if you look at most tech firms, they’ve stopped acting like the world revolved around them and started acting like it revolved around their customers – granted, you can likely name the exceptions. Increasingly, firms are understanding that to succeed, you need to listen and adapt to what your customers’ needs are or you not only won’t flourish, you won’t survive.

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