Ockam has released an open source SDK, based on Google’s Go language, to allow developers to build identify services into their Internet of Things applications. The identity services will be provided by the Ockam Network, the company’s “decentralized” cloud service platform.

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Ockam Blockchain Network

When the SDK is added to firmware in connected devices, the devices become clients of the Ockam Blockchain Network, providing identity and trust for IoT and deployed on the Microsoft Azure cloud. Devices receive a unique Decentralized Identifier based on the World Wide Web Consortium specification and can share data with other devices on the Ockam network. The identifier is intended to solve a pain point in IoT in which it can be difficult to know which device has what data; the identifier gives the device a publicly available identity. With Ockam, IoT devices can verify data received from other devices registered on this network.

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