5G is coming on strong. At the end of last year, AT&T Mobility was first with the 5G network services. Last week Qualcomm introduced their new 5G chip to empower the next generation of smartphones. After that, Samsung introduced their Fold and 5G smartphones at their Unpacked event.

Yes, 5G is coming on very strong. In fact, all of these announcements came in advance of the Mobile World Congress MWC19 show in Barcelona this week. This was a surprise. Usually, companies wait to make big announcements at the show. But these were so important that they apparently didn’t want to get lost in all the noise generated by the show.

AT&T, Qualcomm and Samsung got 5G jump on MWC19

So, what does all this mean? Let’s take a look at where we are today in the evolution of 5G wireless.

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