Ready for the longest Bond movie yet? Well, you better get ready, because it looks like No Time to Die is going to clock in at almost three-hours-long. The latest (and final) entry in Daniel Craig‘s tenure as 007 has been reported by multiple sources as 163 minutes long. That would officially make it the longest James Bond movie, although all of the Craig films – save for Quantum of Solace – have had hefty runtimes.

Two different theater chains – Regal and Pathe Netherlands – are both listing the No Time to Die runtime as 163 minutes (or 2 hours and 43 minutes), which, if true, makes it the longest James Bond film. It’s worth noting that theater chains get this sort of thing wrong from time to time, so I’ve reached out to the folks handling PR for No Time to Die, and will report back when and if they confirm.

Just for comparison’s sake, here’s the runtime of every other Bond film.

Dr. No – 109 minutes

From Russia With Love – 115 minutes

Goldfinger – 110 minutes

Thunderball – 130 minutes

You Only Live Twice – 117 minutes

Casino Royale – 131 minutes

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – 142 minutes

Diamonds Are Forever – 130 minutes

Live and Let Die – 121 minutes

The Man With the Golden Gun – 125 minutes

The Spy Who Loved Me – 125 minutes

Moonraker – 126 minutes

For Your Eyes Only – 127 minutes

Octopussy – 131 minutes

Never Say Never Again – 134 minutes

A View to Kill – 131 minutes

The Living Daylights – 131 minutes

Licence to Kill – 133 minutes

GoldenEye – 130 minutes

Tomorrow Never Dies – 119 minutes

The World is Not Enough – 125 minutes

Die Another Day – 133 minutes

Casino Royale – 144 minutes

Quantum of Solace – 106 minutes

Skyfall – 143 minutes

Spectre – 148 minutes

So now you have to ask: Does a Bond movie need to 163 minutes? When it comes to runtimes, I defer to the wisdom of Roger Ebert, who said: “No good movie is too long and no bad movie is short enough.” If No Time to Die has great pacing and lots of forward momentum, the runtime will breeze on by. If it’s dull, well…we might be in for a bit of a slog. But let’s stay positive, shall we? And also, maybe skip the large soda.

No Time to Die opens April 10.

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