Rebel Ridge, a new Jeremy Saulnier-directed Netflix movie starring John Boyega, just added a bunch of familiar names to its cast. Don Johnson, James Badge Dale, Zsane Jhe, James Cromwell, and Erin Doherty have all now joined the film, which is being described as a “high-velocity thriller.” Not much more is known beyond that, but a new Jeremy Saulnier movie is always worth paying attention to.

Variety has the Rebel Ridge casting news, stating Don Johnson, James Badge Dale, Zsane Jhe, James Cromwell, and Erin Doherty will co-star along with John Boyega in the new Jeremy Saulnier film. Word of the project first surfaced last year. Sadly, we still don’t know a whole lot about the movie. We don’t even have a synopsis. Here’s what we do have:

Like the 2013 crime drama “Green Room,” Saulnier’s upcoming movie is said to be a high-velocity thriller that explores systemic American injustices through intense action sequences, suspense and dark humor.

That’s it! It’s a “high-velocity thriller” with “intense action sequences” and “dark humor.” When we first reported this story last year, the phrase “bone-breaking action sequences” was being used, but that’s been downgraded a bit and is now “intense action sequences.” So no more bone breaking? Is that what you’re telling us, Rebel Ridge?

While I would love to know more about the film, I’m already in the tank for anything Jeremy Saulnier directs. Blue Ruin, his second feature, is fantastic, as is Green Room. And while his recent Netflix title Hold the Dark wasn’t quite as good as his previous efforts, it still had Saulnier’s trademark intensity. I’m excited to see whatever it is he’s doing here. And I love the cast he’s assembling.

Boyega no longer has to deal with Star Wars stuff, so hopefully, he’ll be branching out into more interesting parts. And Don Johnson sure seems to be experiencing one hell of a resurgence lately. Last year he appeared in both Watchmen and Knives Out, and now he has this. Is this the Donaissance? Let’s say that it is and move on.

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