Since Parasite is not only one of the most critically acclaimed movies of 2019, but also won Best Picture at the Academy Awards, it’s likely to be commemorated by plenty of pop culture artists in the coming months and years. But the film’s distributor NEON is already ahead of the game with two Parasite poster prints by artist Greg Ruth that you can get your hands on for a limited time. The prints depict the rich Park family and the poor Kim family, using Mrs. Park (Cho Yeo Jeong) and Mr. Kim (Song Kang Ho) as the focal points.

Parasite Poster Prints by Greg Ruth

Parasite Poster Prints by Greg Ruth Parasite Poster Prints by Greg Ruth

As you can see, the Mrs. Park print includes her son, as well as their fluffy white dog. But the rest of the print is filled out by luscious fruit, including a peach, and beautiful flowers, representative of the lush lifestyle that her whole family is used to. Meanwhile, the Mr. Kim print puts his entire family in his head, playing in the massive yard of the Park family that they infiltrate with deception. Below Mr. Kim is his real home, turned upside down, the flood waters bridging the neighborhood with Mr. Kim’s body.

Both of these Paraasite poster prints are timed editions that are currently available through NEON’s website for $48 each. They will each have a museum-quality printing by Static Medium on Signa Smooth 300gsm paper as a matte finish giclee. Each of the posters measures 18×24 inches. They’re available for purchase until March 12 at 12pm PT. However many prints are ordered, that’s how many will be printed. So if you love Parasite and need a couple good prints to represent your love on your walls.

You can buy the Mrs. Park print right here, and the Mr. Kim print over here.

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