Netflix’s never-ending stream of true crime docu-series continues with How to Fix a Drug Scandal, a new 4-part series from Erin Lee Carr, director of Mommy Dead and Dearest. The doc follows crime drug lab chemist Sonja Farak who was caught both tampering evidence – and using the drugs she was tasked with testing. As the case unfolded, it became clear that there was a clear effort at a cover-up. Watch the How to Fix a Drug Scandal trailer below.

How to Fix a Drug Scandal Trailer

Netflix really seems to have the market cornered on true crime documentary series, and I continue to be a sucker for almost all of them. Their latest is How to Fix a Drug Scandal, which brings to light a story I’m sure many of us are unfamiliar with:

In 2013, Massachusetts State Police arrest 35-year-old crime drug lab chemist Sonja Farak for tampering with evidence: and that was only the beginning. Over time, details emerged that Farak had been in fact using the drugs that she was tasked with testing. Did anyone know what had been going on? And when did they find out? The scope of Farak’s addiction—and the number of people convicted as a result of her drug testing—comes to light, despite repeated efforts to suppress evidence in the case. This riveting four-part docuseries directed by Erin Lee Carr (Mommy Dead and Dearest, Dirty Money) examines an essential, but obscured, part of the criminal justice system. In addition to re-creations of Farak’s compelling grand jury testimony and interviews with attorneys and experts, we hear from Farak’s family for the first time, delving deep into how the actions of one crime lab employee can impact tens of thousands of lives.

This looks fascinating, and I’m always interested when the true crime story focuses on something larger and more far-reaching than a standard murder mystery. I’ve seen several of Erin Lee Carr’s true crime docs, and have enjoyed them (Mommy Dead and Dearest, which inspired the Hulu series The Act, is particularly good), so I’m all-in on this.

How to Fix a Drug Scandal arrives on April 1.

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