There was a time when Jackass was not only a hit series on MTV, but it was a successful film franchise, bringing insane and dangerous pranks and stunts to the big screen. Now Jackass franchise producer and director Jeff Tremaine is bringing pranks back to the big screen along with director Kitao Sakurai and comedy collaborators Eric Andre, Lil Rey Howery and Dan Curry.

Bad Trip is a hidden camera comedy that follows Eric Andre and Lil Rey Howery as they go on a narratively driven cross-country road trip filled with shocking, inventive pranks pulled on real people across the United States. A new red band Bad Trip trailer has arrived, showcasing the dirtier side of these pranks, but there’s a green band trailer for those who want to keep it clean (even though the movie is undoubtedly R-rated).

Red Band Bad Trip Trailer

In addition to Eric Andre sticking his hand in a blender, having his clothes sucked off by a vacuum, and getting soaked in gasoline, we also get to see Tiffany Hadish (Girls Trip) getting in on the fun. She’s part of the story that links all these pranks together as Lil Rey’s sister, who has just broken out of prison and is pissed off that her car is being used for this road trip.

Unlike Jackass, there aren’t many stunts here featuring the characters trying to hurt themselves. This is all scenarios intended to shock people unaware that they’re watching a staged situation escalate to something unbelievable. The set-up looks pretty believable too, and I would love to see a series of featurettes showing how they pulled them off.

For some of you who may not be able to watch a trailer with some NSFW bits in it, there’s this green band trailer that doesn’t get as dirty with the language. But you still get a good sense of how inappropriate some of these pranks will be.

Bad Trip is coming to theaters on April 17, 2020, one week earlier than originally planned.

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