Disney’s Frozen had the ice-powered queen Elsa finding herself in the face of adversity. Frozen 2 had Elsa find herself again, this time as the form of a fifth spirit that unites the past people of Arendelle and the neighboring tribe of Northuldra, as well as the magic of nature, in order to break a curse that left their ancestors trapped in an Enchanted Forest. Yeah, it’s a lot to take in, but in a way, it’s a remake of The Fifth Element. But now you’ll probably want to find out How Frozen 2 Should Have Ended.

How Frozen 2 Should Have Ended

Much like Frozen put a spin on the Disney formula of princesses falling in love at first sight and needing a man to help solve all their problems, Frozen 2 puts a spin on this Chosen One sort of formula where Elsa learns that she can’t do everything by herself and needs Anna to help her save the people of Arendelle and their ancestors from Northuldra.

However, the way that Frozen 2 really should have ended was with Elsa being unable to stop Arendelle from being destroyed. As it stands, there was no real sacrifice made to make up for the sins of Arendelle’s former king. Elsa and Anna should have had to sacrifice their home after their grandfather tried to kill the unarmed leader of the Northuldra. But this is a Disney movie, and that’s a complicated ending that might be hard to explain to kids.

Don’t forget, Disney+ added Frozen 2 to their library three months ahead of schedule last weekend.

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