Earlier this year, Parks and Recreation co-creator Mike Schur wrapped up the final season of The Good Place, his brilliant series about what happens to a group of people after they die. Now the other co-creator of Parks and Rec, Greg Daniels, is premiering his own show about the afterlife – but this one has a technological twist.

Daniels’ new Amazon Prime Video series, Upload, is a science fiction comedy about a dying man whose consciousness is uploaded into a virtual reality environment. Trust me, it’s funnier than that description makes it sound. Check out the trailer below.

Upload Trailer

Robbie Amell (The Flash, The Tomorrow People) stars as Nathan, the computer coder who gets in a car crash and whose brain is uploaded into a virtual world by his girlfriend Ingrid (Allegra Edwards). But while Nathan is living it up in the digital afterlife where Ingrid and her (seemingly rich) family have purchased space, he’s guided by Nora (Andy Allo), the customer support representative who oversees the “Lakeview” VR area. As you can see, the two seem to slowly develop a relationship of their own…or is that potential crush totally one-sided? Daniels has proven to be a master at crafting “will they, won’t they” arcs on sitcoms, so I look forward to seeing how this one unfolds. Either way, Ingrid probably won’t be thrilled to learn about what’s going on with her old boyfriend, and it’s tough to blame her. Keeping a relationship alive evidently isn’t as easy as it used to be.

Greg Daniels, who also created The Office and King of the Hill, hasn’t worked on much since Parks and Recreation went off the air (just a TBS series called People of Earth), but he has Upload coming to Amazon very soon and is also developing a Space Force TV series, which is based on a looney idea by our current president, that will reunite him with The Office star Steve Carell. (In fact, the rest of that show’s cast is pretty awesome, too – I can’t wait to see how that turns out when it eventually hits Netflix.)

Here’s the show’s official synopsis:

From Greg Daniels (The Office, Parks and Recreation) comes Upload, a new sci-fi comedy. In the near future, people who are near death can be “uploaded” into virtual reality environments. Cash-strapped Nora works customer service for the luxurious “Lakeview” digital afterlife. When party-boy/coder Nathan’s car crashes, his girlfriend uploads him into Nora’s VR world.

All ten episodes of Upload will be streaming on Amazon Prime Video on May 1, 2020.

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