Jamie Foxx has worn many hats throughout his run in show business. Though he’s best known for his Oscar-winning acting career, Foxx has also dabbled in stand-up comedy, sketch comedy, sitcoms and even became a chart-topping R&B/hip hop singer. Just a couple years ago, he threw on another hat as the director of the forthcoming sports comedy All-Star Weekend starring himself and The Soloist co-star Robert Downey Jr. Now he’s getting back in the director’s chair again, but this time, it will be for a film in the increasingly popular faith-based drama genre.

Deadline has word on Jamie Foxx directing When We Pray, a new faith-based drama from producers Cinema Libre Studio and Hong Kong-based Fight to Fame Films. The film will follow two brothers who are pastors at different churches in the same community. One of the brothers turns his church into one of those modern mega churches that utilizes modern technology, ATMs, and other assorted tools. Meanwhile, the other brother takes a more humble approach. But of course, the low tech church falls into decline and needs financial help.

Surely there’s some animosity between the brothers based on how each of them chooses to worship. Lessons will likely have to be learned in order to make peace with each other and God. That’s just speculation on my part, but these faith-based drams are typically on the nose, so it’s not too hard to figure out what they’re trying to do. After all, a lot of the mega churches out there with big bands, multimedia services, and an impersonal touch have been mocked by smaller religious communities for a long time now, so it only makes sense that there would be a movie made to remind everyone of a lesson about how it doesn’t matter how you pray. I’ll eat a Bible if that’s not the takeaway here.

Philippe Diaz, founder and Chairman of Cinema Libre Studio, who helped organized the deal, said in a statement:

“It’s a great honor to work with such a talented and passionate man as Jamie Foxx and I’m pleased to have our new, Fight to Fame partners onboard which will give Jamie the total freedom to make this film which is close to his heart, thus launching this new unique collaboration.”

Carrie Wang, Chairman of Fight to Fame, added:

“Jamie Foxx is a Hollywood superstar–but audiences around the world love him as well. Our strong relationships in China and other Asian countries will ensure that “When We Pray” will be enthusiastically received by Asian moviegoers.”

At least they’re not being shy about raking in that sweet, sweet Asian box office haul.

These faith-based films have been pulling in bigger name talent in recent years. It’s not surprising when you consider the fact that the producers behind them are some of the few that are still making mid-budget dramas, albeit with a religious angle. At the end of the day, it’s still a paycheck for actors, and it’s also a solid box office return since churches will often rent out entire theaters for these kinds of movies and bring entire buses full of people to the multiplex.

There’s no release date for When We Pray yet, and Jamie Foxx’s directorial debut All-Star Weekend doesn’t have one yet either, so we’re interested in seeing what he can do behind the camera whenever the time comes.

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