When will The Falcon and the Winter Soldier resume filming? How did the original series finale of Arrow almost change DC history? What does Birds of Prey comic writer Gail Simone think of Jared Leto‘s Joker? How is The Eternals still being worked on during the coronavirus pandemic? Want to see an awesome Birds of Prey stunt that Margot Robbie apparently did herself? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Sebastian Stan revealed that he doesn’t know when The Falcon and The Winter Soldier production resumes.

DC Kids Camp is a new at-home activity program curated by comic/book creators for children home from school.

The Mad Titan Thanos takes on J. Robert Oppenheimer in this bizarre version of Epic Rap Battles of History.

An early idea for the Arrow series finale originally had Oliver Queen inspire Bruce Wayne to become Batman.

I bought a bunch of these rolls of toilet paper as a joke when Rooker came over for Christmas a couple years ago – I put them in all the bathrooms of the house. I never thought we were actually going to have to use them, but here we are. ? pic.twitter.com/0vC1q3CsO3

— James Gunn (@JamesGunn) March 25, 2020

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn has toilet paper with the face of Yondu actor Michael Rooker.

Vault Comics is offering up two free issues to readers who purchase a gift card from their local comic book shop.

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Villains ? Quick update on the villains from my rendition of “Batman The Animated Series”. Still got a lot to do, having a blast with this. Thanks everybody for following along. Stay safe! #batman #btas #comicbook #dc #characterdesign #joker

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Artist Raf Grassetti created these outstanding 3D renderings of the Batman: The Animated Series villains.

Dark Horse Comics is helping struggling comic shops by cutting back on products and offering 90-day returns.

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