We’ve only seen five episodes from the fourth season of Rick and Morty. The new episodes aired towards the end of last year, and since then, we’ve gotten no word from Adult Swim on when we’ll see the rest of the season. Considering the recent delays due to the coronavirus pandemic shutting down most TV shows and movies that were in production, the return of Rick and Morty is completely up in the air. However, the duo did return to Adult Swim this past weekend, albeit in a much different form.

During the Toonami block of programming that airs anime shows on Adult Swim, there was a whole Rick and Morty anime short inspired by Lone Wolf and Cub, the manga created by writer Kazuo Koike and artist Goseki Kojima, which has been turned into several different movies and TV adaptations, not to mention having a huge influence on the live-action Star Wars series The Mandalorian. Watch the Rick and Morty anime short below.

Rick and Morty Anime Short

Titled Samurai and Shogun, the Rick and Morty anime short finds Rick as a samurai who is taking care of Morty, confined to a levitating wheelchair of some kind. The two are walking through a field at night when suddenly a bunch of portals open around them to reveal a small army of Ninja Ricks. Apparently, Shogun Morty is the soul of the Ninja Ricks, and they want him back. But they’re not going to get him without a fight.

A bloody battle ensues in perfect anime style, thanks to the writing and directing of Kaichi Sato, as well as producer Maki Terashima. The blood doesn’t just splatter, but it shoots like a firehose from the various fatal wounds that Samurai Rick inflicts on the endless Ninja Ricks. Limbs are lost, heads are sliced, and one Ninja Rick even has is face cut clean-off. Shogun Morty gets in on the action too, thanks to some concealed blades in his hover-chair.

There’s still no update on when Rick and Morty will continue with the rest of the forth season, but if Adult Swim has more shorts like this up their sleeve in various animation styles, that would certainly help pass the time. Hopefully we’ll hear more soon.

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